5% of every fee goes to our local chosen charities

Lamp - Mental Health Charity

Lamp is an independent mental health charity founded in 1989. Lamp says its service is ‘independent, confidential, trusted and non-judgemental’. It provides free community mental health advocacy for people living in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland as well as Carers Advocacy for people in these areas. The charity’s aim, it says, is for you to feel valued, listened to and more able to cope, and to be able to access services to support your needs.

Zinthiya - Ganeshpanchan Trust

The Zinthiya Trust’s mission is to provide information, advice and practical support to alleviate poverty and abuse. It’s a registered charity providing support to people living in Leicester and Leicestershire and its services are open to everyone. Its services include emergency food and essential items, women’s project, employment support and money advice.

Focus - Young Peoples Charity

Focus is a charity that inspires young people to believe in themselves, because, it says, ‘we believe in them and their capacity to create positive change in themselves and their communities’. Through its projects, Focus supports young people aged 13-25 years to develop the skills, confidence and aspirations to lead fulfilling lives and to make a positive contribution.

How it works

It’s very important to us that we support the community in which we
live and work. So, with our supermarket-style token scheme, we give
you the choice of which charity we, Finance Lab, donate to when you
use one of our services.

We’ll donate 5% of all commission earned from any protection product
policy arrangement to our three local nominated charities – Lamp,
Focus and The Zinthya Trust.

“We believe in supporting those who have not had the same opportunities as ourselves, so that they can realise their full potential also. ”

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